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April 20, 2017 Global News: New transit service between Calgary and Banff coming this summer 


December 2, 2016 Strathmore Times: New regional transit system being discussed


November 23, 2016 Strathmore Standard: Calgary Region's On-It transit service running


November 4, 2016 Okotoks Online: Buses slow to take off


November 2, 2016 Okotoks Western Wheel: On-It system stands up to test


October 25, 2016 The Weal: Calgary Transit is On-It


October 12, 2016 Okotoks Western Wheel: Transit a teenage ticket to ride 


October 11, 2016 CTV News Calgary: A new regional transit system


October 11, 2016 CBC News: On-It transit gives regional commuters cushy ride to Calgary


October 11, 2016 CKNW News 980: Regional commuter service pilot launches today


October 11, 2016 Global News: New regional transit shuttle takes commuters to and from Calgary


October 10, 2016 660 News: New transit service for Calgary region hits the trail Tuesday


October 5, 2016 Okotoks Western Wheel: Province needs to get on the bus


October 5, 2016 Okotoks Western Wheel: Commuter transit ready to roll next week


October 4, 2016 Okotoks Online: On-It transit launches connecting communities


October 3, 2016 City News Calgary: On-it Regional Transit (starting at 1:25 - 2:34)


October 3, 2016 660 News: On-It transit service to connect Calgary to nearby communities


Ettore Iannacito

Regional Transit Manager

Calgary Regional Partnership