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August 29th – 

Explore the Lakes!

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a must-see for visitors to the Bow Valley. But getting there can be a real pain in the neck. The lakeside parking lot often fills up before 8:00 am. The traffic jams are nearly as legendary as the lake!
Don’t stress out, On-It and Roam transit make getting to Lake Louise a breeze. Hop on the On-It bus in Calgary, and enjoy the stress-free ride into Banff. From there, get off the On-It bus at the Banff Train Station (Our first stop). Roam Transit offers two different routes to Lake Louise from the Banff Train Station, the 8X or 8S.

The 8X bus goes directly to Lake Lousie, while the 8S bus takes a scenic ride through the Bow Valley Parkway. Both routes cost only $8 and include free wifi on the buses.

Moraine Lake

The lesser-known sister of Lake Louise, Moraine Lake is just as magnificent. Known for its shocking colour, this lake is half the size of Lake Louise and is usually less crowded. While getting there does require two bus transfers, it is worth it. 

Get to Banff with On-It, then ride to Lake Louise with Roam Transit’s Lake Louise route. Once you get to Lake Louise, you can purchase a ticket for the Parks Canada Shuttle to Moraine Lake. The ticket is just $6, making the total cost of getting from Calgary to Moraine Lake just $24 – a deal if you ask us!

Gondola Ride

This weekend, escape the crowds and ride Banff’s biggest & highest gondola (8-passenger cabin capacity) with the whole family.

The Banff Sunshine Village Gondola is located only 15 minutes west of Banff. Their Standish Chairlift takes you effortlessly to 2,385 m (7,825 ft), providing breathtaking 360-degree views. See gorgeous lakes and mountain peaks from a whole new angle.

On-It riders get free bus transfers (last available bus at 2 pm) from the Banff Train Station On-It Stop to the Banff Sunshine Village Gondola. See the schedule HERE.

On-It tickets must be purchased separately.


1.) Connection shuttle bus from Banff to Sunshine Village (ON-IT TICKET BOUGHT SEPARATELY)
2.) Banff Sunshine Village Sightseeing Lift Ticket to the gondola and sightseeing Standish chairlift.


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