Luxury Seating

Complimentary Wifi

Onboard Attendant

Complimentary Refreshments & Snacks

Who is Red Arrow?

Red Arrow is the only luxury class scheduled inter-city bus service of its kind in Canada. Canadian-based and family-owned, Red Arrow has been operating in Alberta for 42 years. Serving Fort McMurray, Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, and Lethbridge, we’re known for our superior passenger experience and exceptional customer service. We are committed to getting our passengers, employees, and communities, Safely Home. Red Arrow is a part of the Pacific Western Group of Companies, the largest privately held transportation company in Canada. 

What are we trying to do?

Now that Greyhound is gone, we think it’s time to bring the premium Red Arrow experience to Ontario! We’d like to support University, Business, and Personal travel between London <> Toronto, and Toronto <> Ottawa.

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How is Red Arrow different from other bus companies?

The Red Arrow experience is unlike any other bus you’ve been on before. With an onboard attendant, free wifi, fold down tray tables, power and USB outlets, complimentary snacks and refreshments, onboard entertainment system, advanced seat selection, single seat option, comfortable reclining seats, and extra legroom, Red Arrow is more like a business class flight experience than your usual bus service.

Tray Tables

Reserved Seating

Onboard Entertainment

Outlets & USB Plugins

How can you help? 

Let us know you’re interested in seeing Red Arrow launch in Ontario and sign up for emails to get a deal on your first trip with us when we do launch!

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